Pity Party is almost over

Posted on Dec 5, 2006

Well after having a nice weekend long pity party I have a plan.

Step one: Stop Paying the bills,

Step two: Tell bill collectors that they suck

Step Three: Lose everything

Thats it, the plan.

Actually Sarah and I have decided that we will probably be ok it will just be crappy for a little while. On the plus side today is payday so I get to go get my pay check and sign it over to wells fargo with an extra dollar attached. Man I hate those guys.

It looks like Sarah’s mom and dad will be helping us out a little. Helping us pay down some of our higher interest rate stuff, and then paying them back. I guess I could ask my parents but I hate talking money with them. I mean hate a lot. I would rather fight an armored bear from His Dark Materials(which you should all read) then talk to them about money

So basically the plan is. Get money where we can. Pay money to the people the need it. get buffalo wings when we can afford it. Oh and sell the ginger for a 99.99\lbs. That will help

For anyone wanting to make donations to the cause, we will be holdinh a vitual bake sell over the next couple weeks. If you donate $5 we will send you a picture of a brownie or Cinnimon roll, $10 a picture of a piece of cake or a 7 layer bar. Now for $25 we will send you an actual cinnimon roll, you just pay the shipping.

Questions email me.