Knees Fiasco Part Deux

Posted on Oct 24, 2006

So I had my other knee surgery last wednesday. All went well as far as drug reactions went because all I took was aleve. Luckily I haven’t had an adverse reaction to that yet but some day.

The morning before my surgery I got a call from a at home physical therapy place. They had been told to drop of a Game Ready Super Awesome Cold Therapy Machine. It is awesome. Basically I fill it with lots of ice and some water, then I sit on a bench and look cool._ _It circulates cold water all over my knee and also uses compressed air to squeeze my leg and stimulates the muscles around my knee.

Its like healing for nerds. Its got buttons and LCD screens and all sorts of options. Also that morning the door bell rang and a package arrived.It was of all awesome toys to get before surgery an iPod nano. It so little.

What happened was Sarah and I signed up for this promotion at a bank where we deposited $50 and got a credit card or something then they gave us a free iPod Nano. So I spent the rest of my morning fiddling with that. This worked out well since I couldn’t eat and Sarah needed lunch. I didn’t even look up from the computer.

After my surgery everything was good…I was tired but I was able to eat. That equals good. Real good. Unfortunatly the next day I was rocking the cold therapy, getting GAME READY as it where, when I took the knee cuff off and noticed that holey shit my knee was bleeding(or as a surgeon will tell you draining). I was like oh and Sarah and I headed to the bathroom to change the bandages after consulting with the Doc.

While changing the bandage I couldn’t get the drainage to stop. I started to get light headed, Sarah was all ready light headed so we figured, heck, lets just let the medical people deal with it. So I hobbled down the stairs, to the car and off we went.

Of course by the time we got there the bleeding drainage had stopped. So they checked my stitches and said that it was all good and that lateral releases drain a lot. Right. Like my last one that didn’t drain at all. Crazy.

So that night and another time it drained a little more and I just left it alone. Draining sux.

On another note I believe I wrote at one time about this trick. It is called Silver Dream. Watch the video. I watched it for about 3 weeks and still had no inkling of how it worked. The great thing about this trick is that it is slick and ballsy. Basically it is the great principle of magic that you can control what people see and where they look because even though they don’t trust you they still follow where you are looking.

After consulting with my creative partners Mark and Harper I decided to order the trick. The DVD quality is good as most ellusionist videos. My only complaint is that Justin Miller the creator really has a bad habit of trying to look like neo in the perfomance segments. During the teachnig segments he is amazing. His technique is flawless and he does a great job of breaking down the moves to manageable steps.

Before this trick I never wanted to learn coin tricks other then super gimmicked ones like coin bite or SLAM. Now however I want to learn all of the slieghts and what not of coin magic. Don’t get me wrong I still love cards but coins are so much more hard hitting because everyone has seen coins and trust them. They aren’t made of paper and they are also made by the goverment so people trust them. Or they used to until W got into office. Stupid W ruining coin magic.