So this afternoon...

Posted on Jul 18, 2006

I went to kick a bunch of kids out of a pool that we manage. Unfortunatly for the mean part of me all of the kids where allowed to be there. Stupid kids.

So after that I went to another Association we manage to tag cars to be towed…that was when the fun started. As I pulled up I noticed a bunch of cars parked in inproper spots. There where also people standing by these vehicles. I pulled up and warned them that if they didn’t move their cars I would have to Tag them to be towed. One of the gentlemen (baldy) stated that I had no right to tag the cars to be towed. Since we are a representitive for the HOA (homeowners association) thus I have authority to enforce the HOA documents. In said documents it says that parking is allowed only in authorized parking spots. So bam BALDY!!!. I told them that I was going to park and then come by and tag their cars unless they moved them. When I returned (after taging another vehicle) they where still standing around, so I got out my tags and started filling them out to place on their cars. This really set baldy off. He started yelling that if I put the tag on the car he woul call the cops since I was defacing his car. So I told him that if he where to move the car their would be no need for the tag. He said he wouldn’t and decided to call the cops. So I saton the curb and waited for the cops to come. To make a long story short the cops called and said that I was right and the other people where wrong. So HAHAHA baldy and hi friends