Making t-shirts

Posted on Apr 30, 2006

So the company my brother works for has a service where they let people design t-shirts and then others vote on the t-shirts and then the highset voted ones get made and sold. If you design is choosen then you get money. good deal.

Now my real question is:

How do they make t-shirts? I don’t mean the silk screening process I mean how do tshirts have no seams on the sides. It seems that the lack of seams is not to important and I think that t-shirts are maybe woven in a tube shape, but i want to know for sure.

Another trend that I have noticed (I realize that making t-shirts without seams on the side is not a trend but whatever) is that car manufacturers are starting to make really small cars. I think this is fun. Mostly because I am a clown and I see those cars Scion xA, Toyota Yaris, and the Honda fit) and wonder: How many people could you cram into one of those vehicles. I think like 10 without removing any seats, maybe 17 if we took out the seat and crammed someone in the trunk. It would help if I had some really small people.

Also I have started taking classes to get my real estate liscense on line from the Acre online school. Man is it boring. I really need to get on it so I can get my liscense and start rocking the work. My problem is I have a hard time finding time to work on my school. I try to do it at work but it is hard to get time where I won’t be disturbed. I guess I have until August 17 or something to finish but I need to jump on te wagon and get it done. I guess if I can rule dive school I can rule Realestate school.

Yesterday, I went to Petco ad bought another leash and harness for our cats. The problem is that the harness that we have for Thomas is getting to be too small for Reno. So I had to buy a husky harness for him. after we got home we put the cats in their harnesses and then after about 7 minutes of adjustment we went outside. At first Thomas just wanted to go inside, however, after about 4 minutes he was ready to play and army crawled all over the grass and seemed to be playing army with the birds flying overhead. He was even shooting at them with his toy gun.

During this time Sarah had Reno on another piece of grass where Reno was exploring and also punching at bugs. At one point I threw a rock over towards Reno and the chase was on. He practically ripped Sarah’s arm from its socket rocketing after the rock. Another time Thomas took off after something so I followed after him holding his leash. After about 6 feet he forgot what he was chasing and instead though I was chasing him. According to Sarah the look of panic on Thomas’ face was priceless.