So this weekend...

Posted on Apr 17, 2006

I was sewing away on Saturday, Sewing my little soul away for jesus when poof, my machine was attacked by a demon. well maybe it just needs a tune up but it still threw a monkey wrench into my sewing plans for the week. I am now out of sewing for 3-5 days until they fix it. I tried to convince my mom to give me her 4000 machine but alas she wouldn’t. I bet she would loan it to harper. (chuckle and then a sob cause its true)

�Sarah and I have are going to start gearing up for the Greeley Tribune craft fair and get 1000 purses made by then. I think that this is a little ambitious but Sarah says that if I don’t get that many made she won’t love me anymore. tlak about pressure.

I need� a program that automatically capitalizes letters in wordpress so I don’t have to.

anyway. sarah really didn’t say that. Easter was good at the Reed Condo. we went to sarah’s moms for prime rib and boy was it good. the night before we went to my parents house and had ham and a weird macoroni and cheese and mustard thing as well as some random desserts

I hate spelling


i love sarah

�oh and I need a new cell phone. mine is dying alomost dead. it all started about 2 weeks ago when my phone started acting like I had no signal when in fact i had a full signal. At this point my wonderful brother said he would send me one of his old phones. in true adhd style he changed his mind and won’t send me one. so now i can hear people, but they cannot hear me. stupid phone.

so everyone send me money and or old att or cingular phones.