Posted on Mar 7, 2006

So today I sat down and made a plan. A magic plan. I looked over all of the magic stuff that I own: Tricks, Books, Videos and Supplies; and I realized something. I need to start mastering that stuff.

I own probably $500 worth of Magic stuff and I know probably 10 tricks well enough to perform. I need to practice more and learn more. I am going to really focus on the basics of Slight of Hand, that way when I do tricks the basic will be solid. It is like in olympic figure skating; you may have one super awesome skill but if the basics suck, no one cares.

I am hoping to start ruling magic in a way I haven’t ruled it before. I am not going to buy anything else magic related(except for cards) until I have master 90% of the tricks I already have.

I am going to follow the same principle on juggling, yoyo and all other areas of skill in my clowning.