Mardi Gras lessons

Posted on Feb 27, 2006

So the MArdi Gras went pretty well though I learned some important lessons about my card magic. I learned that I need to keep up my practice schedule and not become complacent or people will catch me.

Here is what happened: I was doing two card monty for this table of people. Everything was going well , or so I thoughe, until I finished that trick. It was then I realized that I had been caught red handed. What heppend is that during one of the slights of the trick the angle that I was at to certain members of the table allowed them to see perfectly the move I was doing. Luckily for me, I was in clown so I could play it off as a foolish clownish mistake.

Luckily I was able to do a few more slights to pull off an even bigger trick so I left the table with them as confused I seemed. I feel that as a clown you need to remeber to practice your skills as often as you feel is necessary and then 3 more times. This way you should never have one of those embarassing off days that can ruin a perfectly good day of goofiness.