the big 2-5 oh yeah

Posted on Feb 22, 2006

So I recently turned 25 and it rules. I enjoyed my birthday dinner with my parents. Sarah and I enjoyed the Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner.(It punished me later, another story) I got an Kitchenaid Ice Cream maker from my parents as well as a gift certificate to get a vegetable slicer also for the Kitchenaid. My dad got me a money clip and a cigarette holder, I am not sure why, he did however load the money clip with money.

From Sarah I recieved a pair of Crocs with leather tops. They are black with brown leather, she also got me a palm pilot case so I will stop abusing my palm pilot. From Nan (mother in law) I got the movie Labyrinth**, **which I love.

Harper has shown me this fun site, which I enjoy reading during my lunch at work.

On the tech nerd side I am once again playing on the web and enjoying it. I am trying to learn PHP and mySql and maybe ruby on rails, oh and if that isn’t enough I am learning Yoyo and magic still and also practicng my juggling and clowning.

This weekend I will be at the special olympic mardi gras in denver as a clown\jester in my flashy outit that my mom made for me.