Chicken Sandwich/Turkey Burger

Posted on Feb 22, 2006

Buy skinless chicken breasts and turkey burger(jenny o)
Buy soft hamburger buns(sara lee)

Also buy a non stick spray if you don’t have one already (mizzola pure butter)

Spray skillet and preheat on a med high heat while you trim fat off of chicken or make patties

Once skillet is hot but on medium

salt and pepper first side to go down on skillet

place on skillet

salt and pepper other side

wait 2 minutes and flip

repeat about 5 - 7 times

place on buns

Chicken sandwich mayo both ides of bun/turkey burger catsup and mustard to taste

save left over ground turkey and chicken in freezer for 12 months max

get out the day before if you are going to use it

oh and store you buns in the fridge so they stay fresh longer