Posted on Jan 31, 2006

Here goes:

I have realized that as I have started learning computers I have started neglected my entertainment skills. I haven�t been practicing my skillz. I am such a loser. Anyway, the new plan is to dedicate a little less time to nerding and more time to my entertaining. I mean it is great that I have a sweet website, however when someone hires me I still need to be able to rule the juggling and magic ness. The following is an apology to some often unmentioned people.

Dear Jean Jacket Wearers,

I am very sorry that I used to make so much fun of people that own and wear jean jackets. For years I have ridiculed people in jean jackets until recently, thanks to my Mom, when I acquired a jean jacket of my very own which I love very much. I want all of my fellow jean jacket wearers to know that I know realize how much fun they are.

Dylan �the jacket� Reed

Back to the plan:

Step one: Stop the nerding. I need to focus more on juggling, unicycling and magic.

Step two: Start practicing every night on one of the aspects of entertaining.

Step three: Get really really good and become famous (this might take a couple weeks at least)

Step four: Go back to school.

I think that is all. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah and send me money.

Just because.