i'm a shit

Posted on Sep 22, 2005

I have politely told sarah that she should read enders game by orson scott card. She has done nothing but make fun of me for being a huge dork ever since. ok ok she has only made empty threats about not reading it when i am a shit to her. whatever life is so much aboutthe details.

unfortunatly i cannot remember the details, to many clubs to the head i guess. like when we where on our way home from vegas we stopped in blah blah utah because I wanted a Jamba Juice. sarah not being able to have dairy got nothing.

However just the other day i was being sassy and I told her something about how when I asked her isf she wanted jamba juice she screeched NOOOOOO!

so she threatend to not read the book

that is all

oh and SARAH!!! found the Jamba Juice so without her I woundn’t have gotten the sweet nector of Coldbuster that I so crave. She Knows that man.

curse you editor