Trippitty doo dah

Posted on Sep 5, 2005

So sarah and I got back yesterday from our road trip to vegas. It was quite a bit a fun and by that I mean that it ruled. We left on wednesday night and drove to Grand Junction where we slept in the car for about 2 hours or so and then continued on. The funny thing about that is that we only had one pillow and one blanket so Sarah took the blanket and I the pillow. It was silly. I did sleep abnormally good for the small space and sleeping in car seats. After a quick breakfast of Burger King (which later seemed like less of a good idea then it did at the time,) we continued our journey with Sarah taking the first two hours of thursday. While Sarah drove us along I once again slept in the car seat this time with the pillow and blanket. After a brief rest stop we continued further into Utah, which is boring.

We drove switching drivers every now and then and finally made it to Vegas. We got to our hotel and got ready to go to Mamma Mia at Mandalay Bay. At this point on Thursday it seems that we forgot that we had brought our own car. We stayed at the Stratosphere which is on the opposite side of the strip from where we needed to be. We had heard or read somewhere about the Las Vegas Tram that travels the strip and arrives at its stops about every 15 mins. Lies, all of it. We tried to ride the tram to our show but when we arrived at one of the stops there where other people wo had been waiting 30 mins and it had never shown up. So we got in a cab with a scary man. The cabs in Vegas are just sketchy, that is all there is to it. We got screwed on the fair and didn’t tip the dude cause he was a frickin maniac. We got to the show and enjoyed it quite a bit. It is very fun and anyone who gets a chance should see it. after the show we where quite tired and decided to just wait for the tram rather then get screwed by another taxi. Magically one showed up about 10 minutes after we started waiting. However it took about 1 1\2 hours to get back to our hotel.

The next morning we woke up about 8am and headed off to explore Vegas. This time we just drove our own car and parked it at a central casino (the Belligio, I think) and walked. We walked alot. By the end of the day both of us where beat. We explored all of the major casinos (favorite was New York- New York) and didn’t win any free cars. We did get to see some great art in an impressionist exhibit at one of the casinos and had generally a good time.

On Saturday we got up and ate some breakfast and then headed to Mandalay Bay to see the Sharks.(oh yeah). They have the only predetor based aquarium or something like that. It was pretty impressive. That night we wnet to see “O”. It was so awesome as Sarah said in her post she practically had to drag me away afterwards I loved it so much. The stunts where crazy and the clowns where out of control. Everyone needs to go see this one. I want to be in “O” IT would be so awesome. Must practice more.

Alright that is all for now, Pictures will be added soon.