Knew Knee

Posted on Aug 18, 2005

So here is the deal with my knee. Apparently not only do I have fat knees but they are crooked. My knee caps lean to one side causing them to crunch the muscles and nerves there thus the hurting. I will try to get a xray picture so you can see. Basically between my knee cap and the bones next to it there is supposed to be about an inch and there is only 1\2 inch on the left and 1\8 on the right.(those demensions may not be accurate just for the purpose of illustration). the good news is that I can continue my old tricks to strengthen those muscles as well as complete

3 months of physical therepy

. Oh Yeah.

on a more fun note my anniversary is soon. Sarah and I have ruled the 1 year mark. if the first year is supposed to be the hardest, the rest of married life is going to rule because this last year was great. let this be a lesson to ya’ll live together before you get married. oh and meet an awesome gir to fall in love with.

I love you Sarah

Oh and everyone play the game apples to apples. it is great. on sale at local retailers now.

Since I have hurt another joint i figured i would tell you guys about another injury that entertaining has caused

Stupid Ankles

A long time ago I hurt my ankles. I was at gymnastics class which was an evening class that Sarah and I took for fun. I had been working on doing double front and back flips on the tumble trak which is a long trampoline used to provide more bounce then a floor. I had also been working on round off back handspring back tuck fron tuck. basically you do a funny cartwheel landing backwards on both feet then fling yourself over backwards landing on your hands then back to you feet where yuo fly up in the air doing a back tuck(flip) and then when you come down from that you do a punch front(flip). well it all went really well round off backhanspring then I went into the back tuck and got about a bajillion feet in the air. As I was coming down I was mentalliy preparing myself to do the punch front. I started the jumping motion to soon and instead of going back up I went down hard. I rolled both ankles out and just laid on the ground saying owwie owwie owwie when i wanted to say fuck!. I rolled about until my coach came over and started to help me out. he put ace bandages on them and ice and then Sarah helped me to my her car where she drove me home. I walked in the front door and the funiest thing happend.

First I must explain that the next day i was to give my mom a ride somewhere, where is not important. So, I walked in the front door and told my parents what heppened and headed downstairs with sarah’s assistance. I get down there and my mom comes steaming into the room and asks “who is going to give me a ride to the (whatever)? I said I didn’t know cause I had just messed up both of my ankles. so, she went back upstairs and like 5 minutes later came back down to make sure i was ok and to apologize for being crazy. she might deny it but it is all true.

sorry mom