Work Work and more Work

Posted on Aug 15, 2005

Work is crazy, so much to do so little time. plus with all the reading and practicing magic and juggling and watching movies and other crap it is rediculous.

I am currently reading the CHronicles of Narnia and WC fields by Himself, learning these tricks: Ego, Personal Safe, Satifaction Guarenteed and some XCM stuff. Still trying to learning five balls and Unicycling while juggling(so hard). Movies are Kill bill 2 and skycaptiain and the world of tommaroow currnetly here and unwatched, and I think frida and pilluck as soon as we return these.

Sarah is starting school soon so I will never see her ever again. On the plus side once she is out of school we will be rich cause she will be an art teacher. wait that dosen’t sound right.

Fun thing that just happend: was walking my cat outside we walked to the dumpster with trash and on the ground was a gamecube game case, Super mario sunshine in really good shape, so I picked it up and there was a game inside> score. new game to prevent me from practicing. I am going to start using base camp to track my progress.
in the practicing not the game.


Oh and I torqued my other knee i think