Whats Going Down

Posted on Aug 8, 2005

So once again I have started back into my downward spirl of not updating my webpage. stupid blog.

Here are some new pictures
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They are of me in my new clown Outfit and wig( thanks mom and Harper) and of Our new cat Reno El Pepe or Beans for short.

These past weeks have been hectic with work and clowning. Arts Picnic went really well I had a great time and will probably start doing more for the city. This weekend is the Rat Race and I will be there Causing problems as usual.

Sarah is going to go back to school for a Art Teacher Licensure. It is going to be crazy but she is excited.

I am ruling the card tricks, They are so much fun and I love tricking people. The funniest thing is that I try to do simple tricks that boggle the mind rather then tring to do hard tricks that require more skill. Its like juggling five clubs is cool to other jugglers but juggling three torches or knives is cool to non jugglers. I might not be able to trick other magicians but non magic folks or muggles(heehee) are fair game. except sarah she catches me every time.