Shock and Awe

Posted on Feb 22, 2005

So as part of my new shck and awe campaign I decided to update my blog. Are you shocked or awed? please check one.

So I have a new job. I work for this company called community advantage which is owned by rescare. What I am is the SLS coordinator. It basically means that I in charge of services in larimer county. yep the whole place. SLS or supported living services is for people who are developmentally disabled. we basically provide assitance around the home and community. helping them become more independent. basically in a perfect world we would work are selves out of a job. the greatest thing about it is that I have very little experiance and yet I am still ruling the work. It is fun to have a 40 hour a week job that they can’t just fire me for no reason.

Before i got this job I worked for community advantage as a sls provider. so I basically became my own boss. its sweet

ok quiz time

  1. where did vandals put nazi markings on a mosque??


stupid french vandals

On to other stuff

Sarah is still working at the bank and just got promoted to desk receptionist which is a promotion if you saw the vault she was working in. I am still clowning and I am in fact getting a new clown costume this week. oh yeah thats right new new new.

I have also been making balloons at texas road house last saturday and again this saturday so if you wnat stop by and tip alot.

sarah has been getting more and more wedding foto jobs and loves it. also anyone that wants to buy sarah a digital SLR or a digital back for her mamiya 645 afd her b-day is may 19th so start saving.

the cats are good thomas is insane and loves to pee on the floor (lil bastard) and the beads is just cute and loveable unless you are a poofy. (pictures later.)

At some point I think sarah is going to get a blog and also will become awesome ( sorry i haven’t gotten you content yet you know hhow clowns are) stupid clowns

thats all i will be better at updating maybe

shock and awe i tell you