Funny Story

Posted on May 7, 2004

So I have noticed that as I play on the internet I use Harpers Websiteas base. I will go around and visit other sites and then shot over to harpers when I am trying to think of somewhere else to go. It?s as if I am afraid of being idle on the internet. Anyone else this spastic while on the internet.
On a different note I am applying for a shift supervisor position at my old manager?s new store. His stores is on Colfax and Kalamath in Denver. So it might be back to the commuting. I also might start pursuing a business type degree online at one of those funny online colleges. Probably Westwood. They offer a business bachelors in 34 months. That kind of fits my style of school. Plus its all online.
So one of my cats(the black one) is crazy. Ok there both crazy but this one meows to wake me up every morning around five so I can pet her. After I stop petting her she yowls at me until around six or so and then wonders off. It is quite a bit of fun.
So use Vespa has a new scooter. It is 200cc of pure 70mph scooter love. I need one. Or this.
I have also found a car that I like more then a Mini, it is a Scion Xb. A good thing about the Scion is that is is alot cheaper and not alot bigger looking. inside it has an ungodly amout of space. ungodly i tell you.
Sarah is almost done with school. which is good. she has about a week left and then she has to go on an alaska cruise with her dad. poor baby. not really she is excited. really excited. her birthday is also coming up MAY 19th. if you would like to send her a present contact me. i can provide you with the info.