Posted on Jan 30, 2004

just a heads up the computer i am typing on needs a new space bar. Today was a fun day. I got up at 5am and got ready and drove to greeley and then went to work .i worked form 6:30a until nine when i went to class. after igot done with class at 11a i wne tback to work and worked until 3ish after work i went to the computer lab to print out some notes in geography. i am now sitting in the computer commens typing this up on the laoudest keyboard in the room. imagine everytime that there is a space a horrible bang like noise erupting fromthe keyboard. people keep looking at me and the lab moniter is glaring because he thinks i am abusing his machines. but what ever. if they would fix there crappy keyboards it wouldn’t sound like i was abusing them. stupid gateway. i mean so what if theses keyboards are used by thosands of kids a day.i pay my student fees (honestly mom and dad paythem) i want stuff to work.

thats all today folks

anyone figure out the bottemof the last post.

blame dan bown