<i>So</i> <b><u>MAD</u></b> <i>fest</i>

Posted on Jan 20, 2004

I am so angry. At work today, I got cut to go home early. On any other day this is fine. However today there is a meeting thirty minutes after I get off work. So now I get to sit for 45 minutes instead of 30. That sucks. It really sux because I got cut to save money on labor. Boy its a good thing those last 15 minutes cost starbucks a whooping $1.81. i sure hope that dosen’t make my store go out of business. What makes me most mad is that it happens to me all the time and by the same manager. Good Job.

On to the fun stuff. I just got back yesterday afternoon from madfest in tropical Madison WI. What a fun time. On friday Sarah, my mom and I flew to Chi-town where we were met by Harper. We then rented an excursion which I guess people out side of Colorado do not see alot of. All Harper and his friends could talk about was how incredibly big it was. From the airport we went to harpers apartment to wait for Matisse to get home. When he arrived we went to go get Diabolo Brad. Diabolo Brad is known to me now as CIgar Box Brad. After picking up Brad we finally headed to Madison. We got there late checked into our hotel and went to sleep. We woke up around nine in the morning and headed to MadFest. It was a spactacular amount of fun. We passed and juggled and such all day. I unicycled and scraped\smashed the heck out of my shin. It was all sorts of bloody. Now it is all sorts of scabby. That night we went to the big show. We saw alot of good jugglers: Matt Henry, Jack Kalvin. We also saw George Orange on slack rope. Possibly the strangest act was a man by the name of Marcus Monroe. Now Marcus is a pretty good juggler and such but his whole presentation was very sporadic. He went from juggling to beat boxing to dancing to stand up. it wsa quite weird. For his finale he juggle to balls and a chainsaw. Needless to say he overrotated one of the chainsaws and cut up his arm. Sweet. On Sunday we went back to MadFest and that was when I learned all sorts of new stuff. i learned to thunder shower six clubs and also to pass back to back. In the afternoon I helped some people with unicycling and then I learned to do cigar box tricks. This was when Diabolo Brad became Cigar Box Brad. I am now a huge fan of cigar box manipulation. It is crazy. What you do is you take three rectangular prisms, hold them end to end, and then make em do crazy stuff.
ok bye
sarah learned to juggle