Posted on Dec 31, 2003

Stupid at&t not letting me on the internet. I try to type a nice message for sarah and tell everyone what is going on and i cannot publish it. WTF. I hate you. Ok i am done. I recommend anyone who likes anti romantic romantic comidies to watch love stinks it has the guy from third rock from the sun and some girl from an adam sandler movie i think as well as some other people. It is great amounts of fun. and for the literate people out there i suggest you read eye in the sky by phillip k dick it is a great book about altering realities it is quite something. VT is good if you like snow. fortunately i do. so that is good. Today i went to the ben and jerry’s factory. it was quite a bit of fun and they make like 1\2 million pints in a day or something like that so that rocks. mostly just hnging out with sarah and what not. Okay that is all.