Rat Kinging it

Posted on Dec 6, 2003

you know

Thats right i am the rat king in my dance studio’s Nutcracker all jazzed up. I get to fight the nutcracker in a brutal battle to the death. it rules. I tried to convince them to let me use my juggling knife but they were concerned for the safty of the chillins. whatever. i told them that the kids would only get in the way once. any way. soon i have to go to rehersal and practice getting killed. then i am going to the christmass carol with mr noel johnston as scrooge. originally i wasn’t going to get to go but my dad had two extra tickets for harper and i. after the play i get to go to sarah’s work’s christmas party. then tommarrow my family is having a tree trimming party with all of the families (ridnours, reeds, and us)harper is out visiting and will be here until next sunday to be here for my dad’s surgery (i guess its his dad also). The surgery is on tuesday and i am a little scared i know that my dad will pull through because he is a badass but at the same time it scares me casue they are going to cut open his cheast and he is going to have all of those tubes in him and what not. scary. I think while he is in surgery harper and i will teach my mom to juggle, what better way to pass the time then throwing balls around. I am now reading more philip k dick (the minority report and other short stories), i recently finished do androids dream of electric sheep and thought it was one of the most intriguing books i have read. i found that i cared for alomost every charector and really enjoyed all of the trickiness that went on. I want an electric sheep. I liked at the end when he finds the frog and thinks its real but it turns out to be a robot as well. another book i am reading is fight club. I am more pressed to read that as it is a library book and so i have to return it or owe money. stupid fines. Last weekend sarah and I saw two movies ELF and the matrix revolutions. first elf. elf was damn funny. will farrell is a badass. i enjoyed everypart of this movie i felt as if it was a great christmas movie and was a movie to make people believe in santa-****. The matrix, what can you say about the third movie of this seris. I have heard worst movie ever, that it leaves you wanting more, that there is a big question at the left hanging. I felt none of that. I donnot feel that it was better then the first movie, but it was better then the second. I felt that the end was just right and that it just ended. it wasn’t an ending that would make you feel particularly empowered but i don’t think that was the purposeof the movie. it was telling a story and that is all. maybe sincei have been reading so much dick and paluniuk that i am used to not spactacular endings but more human endings. not perfect but attainable. I remember when i watched the minority report movie i felt that it was a good movie and i enjoyed it quite a bit. after reading the short story that inspired it i was quite dissapointed in the movie, so much was changed. some because phillip k dick didn’t imagine the technology that hollywood could realize today.. that i can handle but to change the story so much made me sad. the story,(probably 30 pages) is amazing. it cuts right to the chasse and doesn’t mess around with elaborate fights or chases. granted if the movie had follwed the same pattern then it would have been maybe 45 mins long. so you get the good with the bad. thats all for now. this is my friend who is in RBBB circus he rules i think he is like 19 his name is steve
Quick everyone type miserable failure in to google and push i feel lucky. thanks harper for that.

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