I need glasses

Posted on Nov 5, 2003

So i forgot my glasses today which is making class that much more fun. It is funny because i use my glasses all day at school and then as soon as i get home and am just haging out i take them off. I don’t really know why i guess i just like the TV to be blurry. School is going good except that i am tired of must of my classes. i hate math and also pscyh is kindof boring. i am however in love with georgraphy and so that is good. I am now officially a starbucks employee. I have offically sold out and am a coffee monkey. it is actually quite a bit of fun and fairly laid back. the funniest thing for me is that i don’t really like coffee. Its like a blind man selling paintings how does he know what he is talking about. I am so sleepy. I found out a little while ago that i get to register on almost the last day of continueing student regestration. this means that i’ll be lucky to get any classes that i want. I am thinking that i will probably take human geography and see if i really do love geography or if i am just infatuated with it. Last night was super fun. Sarah and I went to bed at ten thirty and i couldn’t sleep because the cats were doing serious amounts of crack. they were running around knocking stuff over and stealing expensive balls of yarn from sarah and i’s roomate Idy. this was not cool. after a confinscated the yarn they contined to make noise and so i finally shut them out of the room and fell asleep. I woke up this morning and didn’t want to move i was so out of it. I just wanted to go back to sleep. sometimes when i first wake up i wonder why i am still tired it is not like i am harper and i get no sleep. i get about the prescribed 8 hours every night so what is the deal? i don’t know. that is basically all. love dylan
sarah is pretty
go trogdor