I love Canada or so I think!

Posted on Oct 8, 2003

So I had previously typed up this super fly entry. the only problem is that I erased it. Cause I rock. I just got done taking a map test in geography class, I ripped it up pretty good. I really wanted to spell ripped riped, you know like I riped up that banana or riped up that peach. that way things are more edible. my original post was on sign language among apes. I thought that it would be interesting to teach my cat sign language. here are some excerpts from my journal. MONDAY 10/06/03 show Thomas ASL alphabet. He looks at me and then goes and kills furry mouse (note to self:remove mouse from “lab”). LATER SAME DAY Cat now understands no ASL and has only picked up one sign that looks surprisingly like “the bird". Wondering were he could have learned that? THE NEXT DAY I was telling Sarah about my experiment and the shocking results and she said that i was crazy. who’d of thought.

I am getting married in less then a year… GO ME!