Hide N' Go Seek and More Fun Then A Barrel of Monkeys

Posted on Oct 3, 2003

So last night rocked. I mean it, it rocked. Around 8 o’clock Thomas (the cat) decided to escape. Well actually when Idy got home last night the door didn’t latch entirely in the garage. This normally wouldn’t be that big of deal, however, last night the garage door didn’t get shut and the wind blew the door open. So there I was minding my own business when I hear “Fuck!! Has anyone seen Thomas and Vegas?” So the search begins. Vegas was easy to find because he is a wimp and just hides under the car in the garage. Thomas on the other hand is a lot bolder and was gone like a flash. Sarah searched the house for about 15 minutes while Idy and I ran around like crazy people through the area right by our house. We then broadened are search to include the surrounding blocks. After about one and a half hours of seeking with no finding. Idy spotted him from her car and called us. Sarah and I, being near the house, hoped into her care and raced, not unlike police, to the scene. Idy had spotted Thomas sitting under a tree and once she got out of her car he was gone. We searched frantically around this area. The area we were searching was a hill that the developers probably put up to block the sound of interstate 25. It was incredibly steep and treacherous. After searching and searching, we decided to drive around shining a flashlight in between houses. Sarah and I were in her car and Idy had driven back to the house to pick up Tony. Suddenly Sarah spotted him between two houses and I stopped the car. We slowly exited the vehicle and approached the cat. Surprise, surprise the little bastard runs. We gave chase but he is a cat on four legs and he left us in the dust. Sarah and I got back in the car and started driving back and forth on the same street. Sarah’s cell phone started to ring about 15 minutes later. It was Idy calling saying that they had found him and had him cornered. We hurried to were they had him trapped and the four of us surrounded him. We approached slowly and then like a star football player he jumped and juked and sprinted a way. We chased him, me in the lead and Tony not far behind when suddenly he pulled a kitty disappearing act. Just like that he was gone. I couldn’t understand how that could happen. At this point it was 11 o’clock and Sarah and I hadn’t eaten dinner so we all headed back to the house to rest. The hope was that Thomas would just come home. After I had two pop-tarts and Sarah had some popcorn we headed back out on the road. After about 10 minutes of searching I spotted him at a corner house. I had the flashlight beam on him and I slowly removed my cell phone from my pocket and called Idy. Before Idy could answer Thomas started to run so I tossed the cell phone on my seat and sprinted after him. He stopped under a car and yowled at us. Sarah approached slowly and almost got him before he bolted around the house and around the corner. I take off like a greyhound and keep up with him. Now the house we were running around has a fence on the sides and the front but not in the back. Thomas runs around the side fence and into the backyard with me in hot pursuit. He ran to the corner and climbed the fence. Then before I knew it I was climbing the fence Jackie Chan style and continuing pursuit like I was on COPS. He runs around and goes under the same car he was under before. As we approached the car he ran again and again I chased him. This time when he got to the end of the side fence he just disappeared. I couldn?t find him. I started to cuss…a lot. I was furious, I had splinters in my hand from climbing the fence, and all I wanted was my damn cat. Sarah came over, out of breath because this whole time she had also been running and I told her that I had lost him again. I looked around one more time before heading back to the car. As I finished turning I saw the flash of green eyes. It had to be him. I told Sarah I had found him as I walked over. He has situated himself under a Jeep Grand Cherokee and looked pissed. Sarah and I kept him under there until Idy and Tony arrived and then we attacked. Sarah got him out and handed him to Idy and we whisked him home. At this point it was about 12:30 or so. I was tired it sucked in a fun sort of way.