9+3=12 or 7-3=2

Posted on Oct 1, 2003

So today I was going from class to class and it struck me…
If biology is the science of life and psychology is the science of the mind then is scientology the science of science?? Weird huh. So today in geography we spent 50 minutes covering everything about Montr?al. For example when Montr?al was first founded it was in a primary shipping lane. Montr?al Island had to stop and be carried over the island to the other side and put back into the St. Lawrence River to be carried to the Atlantic Ocean. However in the winter time ice flows down the Ottawa River from the north and clogs up the rapids forming a natural reservoir west of Montr?al. Then in the spring the ice melts and the island floods, all except Mount Royal (Montr?al), a small hill in the center of the island, which is were they founded the city. On a not so fun note we have a cat that pees in one corner of the laundry room and another cat that has anal leakage problems. Seriously it sucks a lot. I have gotten 96% on both my math and geography tests. So I rock. Sarah has been working on a photo project that involves using a 4x5 view camera. To understand what a view camera is picture an old fashion camera. You know the kind with bellows. Weighs like 400 lbs. ok not really 400lbs. like 20 maybe 30. Sarah and I might be getting trogdor shirts.
So that?s all I love everyone and Sarah
love Dylan