Done with school, done with school, i guess i am not a fool

Posted on Aug 7, 2003

So i am done with summer school today–well i have an online test tommarrow but whatever– and i have gotten 2 a’s and a b. That is because I am awesome or thats my story. I have had a fun time in school and cannot wait for next semester to start. it should be fun. Right now i have 2 weeks off from school which means i get to work a whole bunch, yee haa. i cannot wait. sarah will be done with school tommarrow also and is working on finishing a paper for greek art class. I have been playing super mario sunshine a lot as well as mario golf. I think i am in the process of creating a new clown charector. Captain Unicycle. I am going to get a bright yellow or blue unitard and then some sort of shiny shorts in a complementary color. I am then going to find some sort of matching shoes and a helmet, maybe shinguards, knee, and elbow pads. I am going to re paint my unicycle frame blue and the inside of the rim yellow and the cranks hi-gloss balck. I will get plastic or rubber coated pedals so it is gym friendly. I will try to make a utility belt that will hold a bag of balls as well as three juggling clubs. i will add to that a cape that has a giant UC on the back. I think that this would be awesome. _dun dun da duuuuun!!!!!!!!! _**CAPTAIN UNICYCLE **to the rescue