Sorry My BAd

Posted on Jul 11, 2003

Hello. I am the biggest slacker on the internet it has been since the indy 500 since i have up dated my site. here is a quick recap of what has been going on.
uniculing is insane i have been doing quite a bit of it and am trying to learn how to do it one footed. idleing has gotten easier and easier and soon i should be able to juggle. i haven’t tried to learn any new mounts yet but maybe later.
i am going back to school again. i am having lots of fun and am doing a pretty good job. my hardest class is golf…ok not golf but that is a fun class. i am also taking english comp which is fun but also kindof lame (hope my teacher dosn’t look) and an online sociology class. i wish i could do all my classes online. that would rule. it is so much easier because all i do is read the book. read the lectures answer questions and discuss online.
i have now read almost all kurt vonnegut books. my favorites are mother night and sirens of titan. i have also recently read a man in a high castle by philip k dick. i have to reread it in order to understand it. about three days after the 5th harry potter book came out i was done with it. i would have been done sooner but i was taking a scuba diving class. so thats that
i am about two class away from being a scuba instructor. so that is good. it should be fun when i finally make it to instructor.
everyone should go visit harpers website(