Harper Sucks

Hello Everyone. This last weekend was quite an adventure. Harper calls me on Wednesday and says hey your coming to Chicago to come to a juggling fest it was quite a bit of fun. I learned how to do some new stuff on unicycles such as two different kick up mounts the 180 mount the suicide mount and the on leg around mount. I also learned how to juggle ten clubs with Harper and matiss. Now that we are on the subject of juggling I will tell you why Harper sux. We were competing in the ten club-3 person endurance. It is something that I learned just that day. Harper is talking all this trash about if we lose I am walking home and then he drops in the first 30 seconds if that. Ok so he isn’t really that crappy but maybe a little at least. Also there is the gayness test that everyone should take. I am 33% gay, Sarah is 30% and Idy is 36% gay. Harper is 46%gay. Boy is he gay. Hopefully soon I will have videos from juggle fest up (hint hint Harper). As soon as I do you can all watch me fall and hurt my self over and over again. I have decided that it would be nice to have a digital video camera so I can make videos of myself doing silly stuff. Anyone who wants to sponsor my video camera email me and I?ll stick a sticker with you name on it on my unicycle. Well thanks. Go here for south park and here for weird cat stuff and here for no good reason