This is a kirby morgan

This is a kirby morgan bandmask 18b. on last thursday in my class we were required to breathe from just the shell of the mask. the shell is the yellow part of the mask. the trick with this is that there is no seal over your mouth so you have to sip the air out of a pocket you create. you have to go under and do this for 10 minutes. they have three tanks and one person in each tank. the first three people that went where unable to do it. since I was part of the next group i started to get a little nervous. when my turn came i suited up with my 28 lbs of weught and my steel toed bottom boots. i was in my wetsuit and had the shell in hand. as i walked down the later the water started to creep up my wetsuit. talk about cold. really really cold. i placed my head all the way underwater to get used to the frigid water. i then test breathed the shell, it was easy. i then headed to the bottom of the tank. a whole 9 ft of water. once you reach the bottom you have to move to the viewport in the tank so master diver bob cave can watch you brethe. every two breathes you have to pull the mask away from your face and number off 5 on your hand. it was fun. i started taking the mask off and doing either a front or back flips instead of counting. this is an exercise that simulates what you have to do if your mask blows off of your face. in the afternoon we did shell buddy breathing which was two people sharing one shell underwater. it was fun two breathes and pass, repeat. it was really fun. on tuesday i think we are going to start using the full masks including the kirby morgan superlight 17 and 27, kmb 18b and the miller. all of hose are demand hats. this means that you get air when you inhale and so it uses less air and is more efficient. the other type is freeflow, ex. desco or mark v. in free flow the air just constantly flows through the helmet. the demand hats have what is called an oral nasel mask that is like what fighter pilots use to breathe at high altitudes. anyway that was thurs. love dylan

p.s. sarah your pretty and i love you.