I think that my site

Posted on May 1, 2002

I think that my site will get cooler. I am going to add a paypal donation site as well as a book review site. (thanx Harper) I am hopeing to review all the books I have been reading. On a school note i made deans list again. I am doing good exceot for the fact that i miss everybody and i wish i was home. i have a weird story. last friday morning i woke up and my left pinky was numb. I just thought that it was asleep and would be fine. It is still numb. I asked one of the medical people at my school and they said that i had probably just pinched a nerve and to give it about a week to get better. so if i still have a numb pinky on fri. off it comes i’ll just hack it right off. Or i’ll just go to the doctor. I hope it is okay. I have also started exerciseing regularly. I run or swim everyday. if i run i do it for about 30 mins and if i swim i swim about 10 laps. I also have been doing push ups and situps in hopes of becoming the next action hero in movies. heehee. that would be sweet. I was in downtown long beach today and they were blocking of a whole street and they had lights set up and cameras and dressing rooms. I can only assume they are filming a movie. so of course i pretended that i was with the company and tried to sneak on to the set. i didn’t make it and I didn’t even see anybody famous. sad day mr bill. I hope everyone is doing okay and i am sorry that i haven’t poasted recently. i am doing good. Sarah you are the most beautiful girl on the whole planet and I love you so much. mom and dad i miss you guys alot. school is good. mom check your email. Harper thx for your help. Love to everyone. peace……………………….heehee