Hello All

Posted on Apr 24, 2002

how are you all doing today. i am ggod except that I was in colorado this weekend and now i am not.it is sad boohoo. anyhoo. I started open tanks today. my teacher is MASTER DIVER Bob Cave. Bob is a really nice man who knows what the fk he is talking about. Oh and if you say Fk in front of him you have to do 20 pushups. its funny. This class is about diving mechanics and practical aplication of our knowledge gained thus far. I think it is interesting because it means in 3 more class days i’ll be getting in the water. it is so cool. my phone is starting to die. the battery charge is only holding for about 1 hour now it sux. i am looking at new phones but they cost money so please pay pal me money. harper can you set up paypal on my sight so people can donate me money for a new phone thanx. any way. you guys should all have a good couple of days and i’ll be back with a nother update of my school. oh by the way i made the deans list again. doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance. woohoo.

I love you harper(happy now). I love you sarah and you are very pretty and i miss you. i love you mom and dad to. when i smothers day?? Love you guys dylan