Today was sweet. I went

Posted on Apr 10, 2002

Today was sweet. I went to school today and we learned about a phenomenom called Delta P. Delta P is a suction created by a having two or more bodies of water connected by a tube or pipe. When the bodies of water are of inequal depths then there is a suction force equal to the surface area of the hole times the difference in depth times .445 if sea water or .436 if fresh water.(.445 is the weight of 1 foot of sea water in pounds per square inch, .436 is… figure it out.) If your arm was to get sucked into a hole 10 inches in diameter and there was a depth difference of 50 FSW (feet sea water) getting your arm out would be equal to lifting up 1760 lbs with one hand. Thats like a subaru WRX. We watched a video on it and they had cool fottage of a Crab the size of my head being sucked into a crack the size of the scroll bar on the side of your screen. (–>) It showed it getting stuck and then half was sucked in and then the rest was sucked in. Sweet. Sad but Sweet. Also this afternoon I got to do what is called a modified treatment table 6a (the school calls it the narc dive). This consists of going down to 165 FSW (see above) at 75fpm (Feet per minute). When you reach this depth breathing air the partial pressure of Nitrogen is increased about six times. This makes you drunk or narc’d. This is because Nitrogen has an adverse affect on your nervous system in the same way that alchohal does. This is known as nitrogen narcosis. It is fun. We stayed down fo about 10 mins and I have never laughed harder in my life. When we are at the surface they make us do one of those puzzles were you put the shapes inside of the proper shaped hole. It took me 16 secs on the surface and 26 secs on the bottom. Anyway take notes quiz next post. I love you Sarah. bye everyone