Getting My Shit Together

It is a lot harder than I want it to be.

One of the downfalls of ADHD is the lack of rewards for doing boring stuff. Most people get a little reward for crossing things off of a to do list. But not those of us with ADHD. There are no internal awards for Dylan, instead I have to rely on external awards that I provide. My newest thing is using habit tracking apps to get me that reward feeling. It kind of works.

One thing that works is badges on my phone. If there is a badge icon (that annoying little number) on any app in my phone I just want to get rid of it. So on ToDoist I need those badges to force me to look at my to do list and get things done. The other thing that has been working is talking about getting my shit together with other people, little accountability buddies.

But it is so hard. All I want to do is screw around on the internet all day, hang out with my cats, and be lazy. Hopefully with my 2021 plan of building habits I can break my lazy cycle. Which as I write this I realize I am relying on habits to change the way my brain chemistry works. LOL.