Biting off more than I can chew... probably

Hilariously I am about to do what I always do with a first project. I am going to go for it. Instead of doing a couple of smaller projects to learn the basics, I prefer to learn the basics while working on a bigger project. I feel like this is the best way to learn, with real stakes. Who needs a net when the concrete looks soft enough?

One of the most important thing for us when we were having our house built was to have a fire place. This is because fire places are amazing and everyone should have one. But this left us with a funny little nook. A nook that is currently holding a cabinet full of Sarah’s yarn stash. The cabinet fits very nicely in the nook, but I don’t think it is the best use of the space. And we need bookshelves.

That is the next project. Well… not just bookshelves. We are going to build a base cabinet and then build shelves above them. And because we hate doing things the easy way to begin with we are going to build the shelves in a specific way that a clock will sit in a shelf in the middle surrounded by books. It is going to be amazing and hard and frustrating and cool.

Whenever I start a project like this I do a lot of research and drawings. Not necessarily drawings at scale, thought I try, more sketches to get my ideas on a page. In the before times I would have leaned heavily on my dad for help, possibly tricking him into doing a lot of the scary cutting, but in this dark timeline I will be limited to only borrowing tools from him and getting phone advice.

I am not a complete novice. I did build an over-sized set of dungeons and dragons dice once and my dad and I built a number of things for our old house before we put it on the market, but this will be the first time I am building a functional thing that I will have to live with. Luckily, Sarah and I have built things together in the past and while we are both terrified of saws, we have both used table saws in the past.

Wish me luck on Operation Woodspeed.