All of the Quilts

One of the side effects of Sarah working at a yarn store that used to also carry quilting fabrics is that we have acquired a lot of quilting projects. Specifically we have four quilt projects in various states of progress. Another goal for the year is to get those quilts finished. That means finishing one quilt a quarter.

The first quilt we will be finishing is an economy block quilt made out of Tula Pink fabric. Tula Pink is my absolute favorite fabric designer. Once you look at her designs you will see that she is obviously the best fabric designer in the world. This quilt is one that Sarah and I decided to make with little instruction and very little planning. We fussy cut the fabric to showcase the animals that are in the prints. We finished the quilt top a long time ago but we never cut the backing. So this first quarter of the year we will be getting the backing trimmed and taking it to the magic quilting lady to get it finished.

The next quit is a Christmas quilt that one of Sarah’s coworkers pieced for us. However there is a giant snowman that needs to be appliqued onto the top before it is finished. Applique is one of those things that isn’t hard, but it is tedious. And this snowman is about a third of the quilt. Second quarter will be spent carefully sewing this snowman on to the top before we can get it quilted. The great thing is that we should have an awesome Christmas quilt to enjoy next year.

Third quarters quilt is finishing up a gift that Sarah started over a year ago. All of the pieces are cut out, it just needs to be assembled. That is where I come in. I love sewing things together and finishing this one in the third quarter will allow us to give this gift next Christmas. It is a super cute and bright quilt.

The final quilt of the year is another Tula Pink. It is a whole quilt that has all the fabric you need (minus the backing) to create an amazing top. The center area has otters on it, if that helps you understand how cool this quilt will be. I am excited to do a quilt from start to finish.

There is the quilting plan. I am curious to see how successful we are in finishing all the quilts.