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Well folks, it is time. Time for me to stop messing around with this writing thing and attempt to make some money with it. I have been writing this blog for over twelve years. During that time I have learned a lot and I think I have become a better writer.

Writing has helped me through some tough times recently and has helped me share my experiences with people all over the world. I really have enjoyed blogging and I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading it. To everyone that has commented on posts, Thanks. Here is the top 5 blog posts of mine since I started using google analytics in 2005:

  1. Cat Window Seat
  2. Five Places to Visit in Southern Colorado
  3. Killer Whales don’t Kill People
  4. Four Best Ways to Die While SCUBA Diving
  5. Therapy

I am at the point now where I am experimenting with fiction. It is a lot of fun to make up stories. The problem is that I only have so much time in my day for writing and I, like most people, enjoy doing what is easy. For me writing a 500 word blog is quick, easy and fun. But writing a blog doesn’t move a story forward. Those 500 words could be really handy to have in the more difficult fiction world. So I am going to stop blogging for a while.

My goal is to write some short stories and attempt to get them published the traditional way. This means finishing them, polishing them and sending them off. I need to learn how to write a query letter and all that jazz. I will probably receive rejections a plenty. But that is the game.

Eventually I would like to write a novel. Something that is either published traditionally or something that I feel is strong enough to publish digitally. I will still be posting on twitter so you can follow me there if you would like.

Wish me luck.