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So I Guess it is All True

Everything that you have read about making money with google is true. Well I guess I don’t know everything you have read, so here is what I am referring to.

As I have tried to make my blog(s) into more lucrative affairs I have done a lot of reading about what makes a blog a money maker. One of the top things to do is to make your blog fit a niche. I always thought that that was silly as I would love a blog that talked about everything I like and so that is what dylanreed.org has always been. Well dylanreed.org really hasn’t made me rich yet.

The Usable Clown hasn’t made me rich either, though it is putting up a better fight. In cruising around clown websites I found that there wasn’t a good place to get information on the business side of clowning. So I made one. I have a growing subscriber base and it has a higher click through rate then any of my other sites.

Another thing I read about was that regular posting will help grow you reader base. And it does. I have been fairly regular in posting on The Usable Clown and my readership has gone up. It helps that I am writing on a subject that people are interested in. I don’t think it would matter how often I updated dylanreed.org, until I pick a consistent subject to write about people aren’t going to care enough to subscribe.

The last thing that has helped is that I have gotten involved in the social scene of clowning. I try to post relevant response and posts at all of the clown forums I can find, furthering my credibility as a clown. I also try to direct people to The Usable Clown through my signature if possible.

Now I really need to start doing the same thing with sea monster stuff and crafting stuff. Someday.