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  • id: 11 author: David author_email: ‘’ author_url: ‘’ date: ‘2002-03-24 11:19:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: Congrats dude :) Surprised the hell outta me… heh. You two will be/are great together.
  • id: 12 author: harper author_email: ‘’ author_url: http://www.harperreed.org date: ‘2002-03-25 11:39:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: what the hell.. i leave you alone for four years and see what happens… congratulations
  • id: 13 author: jon author_email: jruth@nata2.org author_url: ‘’ date: ‘2002-03-25 11:50:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: congratulations are definitly in order…i must say i’m shocked as hell but i Think it’s awesome the two of you are great together….i wish you the best of luck and when i get to la a small celebration is in order—
peace - id: 14 author: kinnera author_email: k-bhoopal@cornellcollege.edu author_url: http://www.kinnera.org date: ‘2002-03-25 11:50:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: “Oh my god!!! Congradulations Dylan!! I am very excited and happy for you, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. I’m not going to wish you luck because you dont need it! Congradulations once again. \n\nWith much love, \n\nKinnera Bhoopal” - id: 15 author: mike author_email: mike@proxientunit.com author_url: ‘’ date: ‘2002-03-28 06:50:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: the hell dude, thats badass congrats - id: 16 author: Loan Vault Clerk author_email: ‘’ author_url: ‘’ date: ‘2002-03-29 09:09:00 -0600’ date_gmt: ‘’ content: That’s really cool. Sarah is a very nice girl. You are a lucky guy.